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We have vast experience in manufacturing personalized plates.

matriculas personalizadas

The best quality and price on customized plates.

Customized Plates

Personalized custom plates of countries, cities and others.

pic In creating our aluminum/PVC plates, we use high quality materials, fulfilling the European manufacture standards for such items. 
We have a wide variety of models for personalized custom plates: countries, cities, social events, with funny pictures of dogs, “baby on board” plates and even personalized custom ones. 

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Personalized flags and wide variety of country flags.

pic We create customizable flags for municipalities, political parties and sports teams. We have a wide variety of country flags. Our products are guaranteed with the highest quality materials and we provide a great personalized service to our customers. Our vehicle flags are made according to the law safety standards; they get just fixed to the window, no air intake or noise produced. They are easy to attach to motorcycles, bicycles or other vehicles.

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If you need something unique or personalized.

pic The T-shirts are very special because we adapt them according to our customer’s requirements. We have a wide experience in implementing creative and corporate logos for companies, groups of motorists, transport firms and factories.


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Since 1999, we create customized plates around Europe.

pic Our company was founded in 1999 as the first in Europe manufacturing customized plates for wholesale. Big malls are currently selling our products in various countries like France, Spain, Greece, Romania, Finland, Poland, etc.


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